What to Bring

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In all cases bring your completed checklists from this website and the signed engagement letter (found on the right side of this page).

For your 1040:

  • Signed Engagement Letter
  • Completely fill out the Individual Checklist.
  • Name, social security number and birth date of everyone in the household.
  • All the tax forms you received from your employer, your bank, your mortgage company, and your investment brokerage.
  • A total of your health insurance expense and an estimation of your out of pocket health care costs.
  • If applicable, purchase papers for any assets acquired in the current tax year – homes, cars, investment property.
  • Supporting documentation for any energy efficient property you’ve purchased – windows, roofs, etc.
  • All tax forms from any educational institution you or your dependents have attended.
  • If you are a new client: Please fill out the ‘New Client Form’ found on the right of the screen.  Also, we will need your prior 2 years’ tax returns.
    If you also have a business:
Completely fill out the Business Checklist.
  • A profit and loss statement if you are using Quickbooks. Make sure the report is on a cash basis, not accrual.
  • A list of all business assets purchased, their price and date of purchase.
  • If you are not using Quickbooks, total all of your income and expenses including interest paid on business lines of credit.
  • Mileage totals or actual vehicle expenses.
  • Any year end payroll reports you have generated outside of the office as well as any new unemployment ratings or worker’s compensation requirements you may have.
  • If you are a new business client: Please fill out the ‘New Client Form’ on the right of the screen.  Also, we will need a copy of your business’ prior 2 years’ tax returns and depreciation detail.

If your business is incorporated:

  • Include your balance sheet items: cash balance 12/31 and the balance on any outstanding loans or other corporate liabilities.

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